Environmental Protection

Reduce, Reuse Recycle Initiative

Initiatives include recycling plastic bottles and paper, re-use of toll receipts printer cores, water conservation through rain water harvesting and reduce of electricity consumption by retrofitting all our locations with LED lights, replace central A/C system with single inverter A/C unit, Light sensors are installed at all locations as well as solar powered street lights at select sections along the highway corridor. 

  • Our recycling efforts, covers, plastic bottles, paper and receipt roll cores
  • Over 98, 600 bottles and 30.61m3 of paper were recycled since 2009 in partnership with Jamaica Recycles. 
  • Since 2012, we have benefited from the recycle and subsequent reuse of the receipt roll cores, approximately 14,500 rolls we exchanged between JIO and our supplier Konvertra. 
  • Reduce paper usage by adopting double-sided photocopying and printing, now standard at all our locations.
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals are used whenever available in Jamaica.
  • Tyre scraps and scrap metal are collected separately and properly disposed to reduce the impact on the environment.
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