Social Development

Social development is of importance here at JIO as human resource is our main asset and as such, we need to continuously monitor and ensure that team members are satisfied. Offering the chance to employees to learn a new job, get new skills and grow whenever possible.

  • Internal promotion is the favoured means of recruitment
  • Facilitating studies and education by adjusting the shift work for employees who are attending school or university forms a part of our mandate.
  • Giving equal opportunity to everyone such as providing options on the shift work to those whose religious belief may require flexibility. 
  • Offering the chance to employees to participate in sports or social activities. We have a Netball, Football and a Basket Ball teams consisting of members from all locations. Hoops have been installed at the Vineyards & Portmore Toll Plazas and a football field was constructed behind the Portmore Toll Plaza to facilitate training and competitive matches. 

Since 2012 the JIO team actively participate in the annual Sigma Corporate Run. This 5 Kilometre race has a dual purpose. It is designed to fundraise for charitable causes that especially benefit children and also to inspire fun, fitness and camaraderie among Jamaica’s business community.

JIO’S Football Team

JIO’S Basketball Team

JIO’S Netball Team

  • JIO Staff Association- staff members formed a body in order to voice their concerns and negotiate benefits on behalf of all its members.
  • Differently abled persons are in our staff compliment.
  • Contributions to education and health were done through donations, particularly to churches, security forces, hostels and schools in St. Catherine. These programmes assist in providing free health checks and advice to the elderly and indigent as well as resources to enhance the security forces and the learning experience of students. 

    • Equal opportunity is given to males and females to grow within the company.
    • Selecting suppliers, who are committed to respecting their staff and the environment
    • Sensitizing staff and subcontractors to our safety rules to prevent accidents at work. 
    • Management and staff awareness of professional ethics are supported by the company’s Code of Ethics. 
    • Prohibiting employees from drinking alcohol or driving under the influence of alcohol and the administration of drugs. Strict implementation of these rules are enforced. The company’s Disciplinary Schedule enforces the consequence of non-compliance of these and other safety rules. 
    • We have entered in a long term partnership with a charitable organisation, Mustard Seed, where donations are given both by the company and staff. 

  • JIO has also completed a building that has been in staled construction for over ten years at the Chandlers Pen Primary and Junior High School. The building houses their library and computer room.

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