Economic Development

In order to contribute to the development of the country JIO, whenever possible, work with Jamaican companies and limits the importation of goods or services, which is also evident in:

  • Our staff compliment inclusive of contracted staff is currently 195 strong, all Jamaicans.
  • Our in-house expertise, which is used to retrofit toll equipment while maintenance equipment is supplied by local companies whenever possible. Local sub-contractors are also employed. We have developed a website:, which serves to inform our customers about various aspects of the Highway 2000 East- West project and some of the unknown facts about what we do outside of our core business as the Operator. ¬†
  • Our promoting activities to assist local communities, instead of purchasing a mechanical sweeper that could do the job on the entire leg of the project, we have decided to employ casual workers from communities adjourning the motorway.
  • JIO establishing a community personnel aided program with the assistance of the herders along the motorway. This engagement by the herding community involves two specific tasks:
    1. Minor maintenance and restoration of areas in the fence through which animals gain access to the motorway.
    2. Facilitating proper herding, or containment of the animals to keep them away from the security fence.
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