It’s far more convenient to travel on Highway 2000 East-West when you have a T-Tag. Avoid having to stop in the manual lanes, quit worrying if you have enough cash on you to pay the toll, gain more control as you track and manage your toll expenses, and benefit from the applicable rebate offerings!

Get your T-Tag today by following the quick and easy steps below:

  1. Stop at your nearest Highway 2000 East-West Toll Plaza and visit the Sales Office

  2. Provide the following information to the Sales Representative:

    1. Name of Applicant

    2. Address of Applicant

    3. Telephone Number of Applicant

    4. Motor Vehicle Registration

  3. Open your account with a minimum of only JA $1,000.00 in your account

  4. Collect your T- Tag from the Sales Representative and follow the easy installation instructions provided

That’s it! Get your T-Tag today and experience the convenience.

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