Most persons will agree that the World’s population needs to make strident moves to understand, sustain and enhance their environment.

JIO has dedicated constant effort to initiating and implementing sustainable development practices throughout its operations. The mangroves along the Portmore segment of the Highway 2000 East-West corridor have increased by almost 100% since completion; this was achieved by preserving and re-planting this precious natural barrier. Mangroves clean the air that we breathe and provide valuable natural barriers to storm surges, an element that is crucial in low-lying areas. Alongside rainwater harvesting, where during drier times that water is used instead of NWC all plazas benefit from solar power resulting in less need to be reliant on the national grid.

As we evolve, JIO’s next steps will be to add batteries to store the harvested FREE energy from the Sun and in 2023 add electric vehicles to our fleet.

In October 2022 selected members of staff participated in Engineer’s Week staged by the Jamaica Institute of Engineers to benefit from presentations on new innovative technologies that will hopefully become more accessible to our society JIO’s IT team also partook in Vinci’s (France) annual Cyber week from October 18 – 22, 2022 where the ever-changing World of all things Tech were shared. At JIO we endeavour to not only protect our systems but also precious confidential information from the relentless world of hackers.

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