Have you ever been driving on any of the corridors of Highway 2000 East-West, and upon approaching the toll plaza, glanced at the canopy to decide which lane to enter and been momentarily confused?

This article is dedicated to help you understand how to make your decision.

A green arrow means that the lane is a dedicated manual lane and only accepts cash as the applicable payment for your journey. The actions of the Toll Collector are monitored in real time by a Toll & Safety Supervisor and/or the Toll Manager.

 A green arrow and an orange "t" denote a dual lane and can be used either if you have a T-Tag on your vehicle, at which time there will be no interaction with a Toll Collector OR the passage may be paid for using cash if you are not subscribed to the T-Tag media. Please keep in mind that if you have  T-Tag affixed to your vehicle and enter this lane, the system will automatically deduct the passage from your T-Tag account whether or not your account has sufficient funds for the passage. If your T-Tag account did not have any funds, then your balance will become a negative one and the next time funds are added to the account the corresponding passage amount will be automatically deducted.

An orange "t" indicates that the lane is a T-Tag ONLY lane. The commuter must have an electronic media to use this lane as cash is NOT accepted and the toll booth is unmanned.

A red "x" means that the lane is currently closed.

So the next time you visit a Highway 2000 East-West toll plaza, observe the status of the lane with these tips in mind, proceed safely, be courteous to other highway users, and be sure to reduce your speed as you position yourself in the lane that naturally flows towards the desired toll booth.

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