Road Safety Tips for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often also called the “Silly Season”. Many times, the festivities of December can become forefront in our minds and lead us to do things that we ourselves might even admit are unwise. Although the 2020 holiday season promises to be unique and more quiet than previous years, we still want to encourage you to stay safe on the Highway. Here are a few reminders:

  1. Always take note of, and OBEY THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT. Pay attention to any temporary speed limit imposed during road works or maintenance.
  3. DURING AND/OR AFTER A SHOWER OF RAIN DRIVERS SHOULD REDUCE THEIR SPEED AND MAINTAIN EXTRA SPACE between themselves and the vehicle ahead. A shower of rain is likely to make most road surfaces slick, and this increases the chances that control of the vehicle is lost.
  4. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PROCEED THROUGH SMOKE. Instead pull over onto the hard shoulder safely, turn on your hazard lights and headlights to the brightest setting, report the incident to us at our Emergency Toll Free Number (888-429-5632), and await the directions of the Police or Highway 2000 East-West Patrol Officer.
  5. Always have a designated driver when drinking and NEVER DRIVE INTOXICATED.
  6. AVOID CELL-PHONE USE AND ALL OTHER DISTRACTIONS, as anything unexpected can happen in just a split second.
  7. ALWAYS BUCKLE UP to minimize your risk of severe injuries if an accident should occur.
  8. CHECK YOUR TYRES REGULARLY. If your tyres are worn, they are at a greater risk of blowing out when driving at the high speeds accommodated by the highway. The same is true for underinflated tyres. Rotate your tyres periodically, and take note of when they are due for replacement. Regularly monitor tyre pressure with a pressure gauge, as improper pressure can impact performance or lead to a blow out and result in an accident.
  9. Monitor the performance of your vehicle’s brakes, and IMMEDIATELY address any softness, poor response, or vibration.
  10. HAVE YOUR VEHICLE ROUTINELY SERVICED by a competent mechanic to ensure its safety for you and all others sharing the road with you.
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