2020: New Year, New Decade… New Awareness

As with many motorists, some Highway 2000 East-West users have an insanely busy life, rushing in the morning, perhaps getting their children ready for school, as well as themselves. And, before rushing out the door, they grab something to eat... get in the car, head out using the tolled road to get to their destination by positively maximizing their time and travel and then while in the car, they are eating… eating a sandwich, a fruit, a packaged meal or drinking a beverage


when they are finished, they...

THROW the rest through their car window to leave someone else to clean up after them or

WORSE, they have taken a bag of garbage from home and thrown it on the Highway corridor so that it is no longer their problem to dispose of it, but the Safety and Maintenance Operators’ own.

While Jamaican Infrastructure Operator (JIO) mobilizes personnel to sweep and clean the Highway respecting a scheduled plan, before the persons collecting trash have had the opportunity to cart the refuse away, to be subsequently transported to a proper disposal site, this litter will attract a hungry stray dog to the Highway corridor, and…

BAM!...a car will hit the dog, that may die, leaving something else to be cleaned up… and an unfortunate motorist with damage to his vehicle.

So, as the World outside your car is not your personal garbage bin, bear with us to prevent the negative impact of littering, recycle your trash and do not trash the road.

Littering is an offense under National Solid Waste Management Act, so… BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE POLLUTION!

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