The T-Tag: An Irresistible Convenience

Many Highway 2000 East-West commuters are experiencing the benefits of the T-Tag, an electronic and cashless toll payment facility. Whether during peak hour traffic or not, T-Tag customers find themselves passing through the Toll Plazas much quicker due to the speedy processing of vehicles in these lanes.

“T-Tag customers are quite possibly the happiest set of commuters,” indicates Michael Kennedy, Toll Manager. “They pay nothing extra for a service that offers so many benefits.” Mr. Kennedy also stated that the processing time for a customer in the T-Tag lane at the Toll Plaza lasts a few seconds. “So you can imagine the usefulness of that when you have to take the children to school and reach to work on time.”

Reduced travel times are not the only advantages of the T-Tag. Frequent user rebates are applicable for certain routes and are automatically credited to the customer’s T-Tag account. Bonus credits on online top-ups are also periodically given to T-Tag customers for their loyalty as T-Tag account holders.

There is also the ultra-convenience of topping up T-Tag accounts via an online platform or even using the T-Tag to Go! mobile app.

With these benefits, in addition to the fact that the Highway 2000 East-West T-Tag is FREE and there are no additional fees associated with its usage, there is little wonder why several customers find using the T-Tag a no-brainer.

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