International Coastal Clean-up Day 2019

Highway 2000 East-West Helps to keep our Island Clean

Highway 2000 East-West’s teams have again participated in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day, held on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

With about 150 volunteers, we are grateful for such a turnout to help clean-up the New Causeway Fishing Village seaside, which required all hands-on deck to tackle the overwhelming amount of trash accumulated at this site. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), Jamaica Property Company, the Shortwood Teachers’ College, NROCC, our staff and their families, and the Portmore community members.

We sure made an impact with our efforts and filled some 170 trash bags which comprised mostly plastic bottles. This event has no doubt made all the participants more aware of where poorly disposed trash ends up and the devasting impact it has on our environment and the take-away should be to encourage our community members to adopt the 3Rs: Reduce our garbage, by Reusing and Recycling where applicable. We saw where improper disposal of our refuse is adversely affecting, the quality of the water, the inhabitants of the sea, public health and livelihood of the Fisher Folks and the aesthetics of our coastal areas.

As individuals, taking stock of our activities is now a must. For more tips as to how to get involved in keeping our island clean take a look at these tips “Easy Green: 12 Ways to Use Less Plastic Every Day”.

The ICC Day has been coordinated globally by the Ocean Conservancy since 1985 and locally by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) since 2008. The theme for ICC 2019 was “Big Up Wi Beach JA”, the new public education campaign which promotes better stewardship of Jamaican beaches, as explained here.

ICC is not just about cleaning up beaches, it is about gathering data on the garbage collected. The data is used by the Ocean Conservancy and JET to educate and advocate for improved waste management practices and policy. Thank you ALL again for your involvement!

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