Jonathan Grant High School Thanks Highway 2000 East-West

At a small ceremony at the school on Tuesday September 19, 2017, the staff and students of the Jonathan Grant High School expressed their gratitude to the Developer and Operator of Highway 2000 East-West.

In December 2016 TransJamaican Highway Limited (TJH) and Jamaican Infrastructure Operator Limited (JIO), Developer and Operator of Highway 2000 East-West, were contacted by Mary Frank, the Vice Principal of Jonathan Grant High School. The institution was seeking some assistance to repair areas of pavement on the school compound which posed a hazard to the students and staff. The situation worsened during rainfall, as deep potholes became filled with water and caused flooding on the campus. In addition, the likelihood of students and staff falling and getting hurt increased as they tried to move around the campus, because the holes became difficult to detect when filled with water.

The Vice Principal explained that the school is located in an inner city in the heart of Spanish Town. She expressed that in spite of that, the staff continue to work very hard and in many cases “[go] beyond the call of duty to provide a high standard of education for the students.” She further indicated that almost all of her students are from volatile and depressed communities.

The passion of the Vice Principal and her team caught the attention of the Developer and Operator of Highway 2000 East-West. “We are very keen to offer whatever support we can to persons in real need in communities that surround the corridors of our Highway” states Guillaume Allain, Managing Director of TJH. “We value education, in particular, and so helping out Mrs. Frank was something both TJH and JIO were delighted to do.”

Thomas Lamothe, Managing Director of JIO concurred, “We view it as part of our corporate responsibility to assist when we can. We believe that Highway 2000 East-West is much more than just the roadway, we are also about connecting and supporting communities around us.”

Both companies provided assistance in the amount of $1,050,000 and sourced the contractor who repaired the property. The repair was completed before the start of the school year in September 2017, and the students returned to a completely repaved campus. We are confident that the gesture will assist in paving the way forward for this noble institution in its drive to produce fine students.

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