Next Time Take the EASY WAY

Take the EASY WAY around all week and get your REWARD!

If you use the toll for your commute to and from your destination each week, you’ll be sure to get a pleasant surprise on your 10th trip: Yes,your 10th trip will be returned in full to your T-Tag account!* PLUS, you will get back 10% of the value of every trip after that for the rest of the week**.

Not only do you benefit from a stress-free journey, but you benefit in your pocket too.

So be smart, and take advantage of the Frequent User Rewards today!

*Frequent User Rewards are automatically applicable to Class 1 and Class 2 T-Tag customers using the Portmore and Spanish Town legs of Highway 2000 East-West.

**Each week starts on Saturday at 00:01 (or 1 minute after midnight) to Friday at 24:00 (or midnight).

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