Another Successful Labour Day Project!

The May Pen Fire Station: Another Successful Labour Day Project for Highway 2000 East-West Team!

To continue with our efforts of last year 2016, where the Old Harbour Fire Station benefitted from a well needed facelift, the May Pen Fire Station was the chosen location for our 2017 Labour Day Project, focusing our efforts on painting the main building, but also bushing and cleaning of the yard.

Mr. Orrett Barnswell, the Assistant Superintendent, Acting Divisional Head for the Clarendon Division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, pointed out that Clarendon is the third largest parish in Jamaica, one of the most populated, and continue to grow with new housing developments being introduced thanks to the infrastructural development of the highway. Mr. Barnswell expressed his appreciation on behalf of the men and women who work at the May Pen Fire Station for our assistance in giving the station the well needed facelift. The team now feel more proud and energized in carrying out their daily duties and look forward to partnering with us in the future.

Displaying high morale and dedication to their tasks, the May Pen Fire Station staff was busy with assisting with both preventative and recovery efforts, just a few days after the heavy rains, that resulted in flooding across the island and did not spare the parish. Most appreciative, they thanked all Highway 2000 East-West Team for our contribution of being their labour day project at a time when they most needed to be lifted in spirits.

After having enjoyed our 2017 Labour Day, with a great staff turnout, we wish to sincerely thank all who volunteered their labour. Great job team!

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