IOJ’s 2017 Earth Day Competition

IOJ’s 2017 Earth Day Competition “Sustainable Tourism for Development”

The Institute of Jamaica, through the department of Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ), have yet again held a splendid Earth Day Competition Awards Ceremony for 2017. The United Nations theme for celebration of Earth Day was “Sustainable Tourism for Development”.

Highway 2000 East-West, continues to support the efforts by NHMJ to promote biodiversity awareness through the youths in our society. The competition was extended to include youths from various secondary schools, churches, clubs and organized youth groups. The aim of the competition was to get the point of view of our young people, the Earth Day theme, through Art. Participants submitted posters, photographs and literary pieces, that included poems, short stories and essays, all capturing what Sustainable Tourism for Development means for Jamaica and all its stakeholders and what can be done to facilitate positive social, environmental and economic benefits through tourism.

The guest speaker, Mrs. Elecia Myers, Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Evaluation Division at the Ministry of Tourism gave an informative presentation on the strides the country has taken through policy formulation and community based tourism to facilitate growth and development of the Jamaican tourism sector. The attendees were urged to consider tourism has a viable career option, because of the various opportunities that are available in the sector, they were also shown how they can do their part to help with Sustainable tourism. The speech address the social factor, the people, how we can be better citizens, having a patriotic zeal and a welcoming attitude, treating others how we would like to be treated and how we should always endeavour to protect our environment, through proper waste management and conservation of our natural resources, whilst deriving economic benefits now and remain sustainable for generations to come.

The winner of the Literary segment Miss Dorian Clarke of the Ferncourt High School, delivered her poem that was packed with ideas aimed at supporting the theme. She was rewarded with much applause from the audience.

The winner of the poster segment was Miss Mishawn Chin-See of the Wolmer’s Boys Art Club. She did an excellent art piece fittingly incorporating the theme “Sustainable Tourism for Development” utilizing a Go Green concept.

Miss Aiko Jones won the photograph category by aptly capturing the environmental impacts of Tourism.

Congratulation to all participants and, follow their example, think about what YOU can do!

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