T-Tag: Your Application Form is now accessible on-line!

T-Tag is FREE and offers you a more convenient travel on Highway 2000 East-West:

• NO more STOPPAGE in the manual lanes

• NO WORRIES if you don’t have enough cash

• BENEFIT from our on-line top-up facilities

• Easily TRACK and MANAGE your toll expenses

• BENEFIT from our relevant rebate offerings


So, GET your T-Tag today by following the quick and easy steps below:

1. PRINT your T-Tag Application Form HERE

2. STOP at your most convenient Sales Office (Portmore, Spanish Town, Vineyards or May Pen Toll Plaza)

3. PROVIDE requisite mandatory application form information: a. Name of Applicant (supported by Driver’s License) b. Address of Applicant c. Telephone Number of Applicant d. License plate number (supported by Vehicle Registration)

4. OPEN your account with a minimum of J$1,000.00

5. COLLECT your T-Tag from our Sales Representative

That’s it! Simply follow the easy installation instructions and begin to enjoy the convenience as you travel safely along Highway 2000 East-West, The Easy Way!

For any further queries, please submit directly your details via our “Contacts” page HERE

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