Sustainable Development at Independence City Primary School

The members of the 4H Club at the Independence City Primary School in Portmore officially received their very own vegetable garden on January 25, 2017. The opening of the garden marks the completion of a Biodiversity Project carried out at the school in partnership with Highway 2000 East-West and the Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ), a division of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), an agency of the Ministry of Youth and Culture.

The vegetable garden is home to a few popular crops such as Beetroot, Pumpkin, Pak Choy, Corn, and Banana. The students are quite pleased with the garden, and look forward to maintaining it as a means of supporting the school’s canteen.

The eagerness of the school’s 4H Club did not go unnoticed by the Highway 2000 East-West team, who also financed the installation of an irrigation system and donated gardening tools to aid the students in the upkeep of their small farm.

The following statement was issued by Mr. Guillaume Allain, Managing Director of TransJamaican Highway Limited (Developer of Highway 2000 East-West):

“Today’s official handover of the vegetable garden to the students of the Independence City Primary School’s 4H Club is just one of a few ways we have been pleased to support the school and it’s various programmes including biodiversity. We are always happy to support noble initiatives such as this one, especially where the enthusiasm of students and staff is evident. Although we have our own financial limitations, we feel it is our responsibility as the Developer of Highway 2000 East-West to assist in communities surrounding the highway’s corridor, and we are particularly keen on assisting in the area of education. Being so closely involved with the NHMJ in the development of this vegetable garden was in keeping with these goals, and now that we have officially handed over the garden to the students, we are confident that they will continue to maintain the garden so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labour in more ways than one.”

During the summer break of 2015, TransJamaican Highway Limited and JIO also repaired the roof of the school’s library, installed two new water tanks on the school’s compound, and gave all the bathroom’s a fresh coat of paint and repaired several toilets.

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